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Estêvão da Fontoura, Inês Salpico and Andrea Matte

Palácio Chiado, Lisbon.



Digital video

Duration: 1’ 10’’

Photographing: Andrea Matte


The meeting with the Portuguese performer Inês Salpico and with the Chilean photographer Andrea Matte on the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal, situated in Chiado neighbourhood, in Lisbon, arose many conversations about colonialism, immigration, history, Latin America and relations between Brazil and Portugal. From this conversation, was born the performance EURO. In this XVIII century building, neatly decorated with Brazilian gold, a Portuguese woman and a Brazilian man make a type of speech about their sorrows and accusations. One agaist the other, back to back. With the same euro bills stuck to their bodies, colonizer and colonized engage a dialog where they expose old differences, but suddenly find themselves side to side, united by the past and the common present.


I stole fortunes

I grazed the farms

I brought plagues

I broke barriers

I rolled the dice

I roamed the world

And here we are

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