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Videoperformance, 2009.

Estêvão da Fontoura, Inês Salpico and Andrea Matte
Palácio Chiado, Lisboa.
Digital video
Duration: 1' 10''
Photo: Andrea Matte

National action suggested by the artist Gabriela Canale

As I walk backwards from Gasômetro to Porto Alegre’s town hall, I unpass/undo symbolically the atrocities the current mayor José Fortunati has been doing in his mandate, such as the arbitrary chopping of trees during the late nights and the illegal and violent arrest of protesters (who were mostly young students). This video is my humble poetic protest, stimulated by my friend Gabriela Canale and with part of Michele Zgiet.

Original song, based on an improvised Gambiarrádio session with André Lima and Rodolfo Ribas.

In London, 2009, photo by Emanuele Bizotto, from Axis Anima.

Action in London, january 2009. The lack of trash cans in train stations in London makes these public spaces ugly and dirty. The fear of bombs and terrorist attacks is an obsession that makes people fail to realize that the real bomb is the dirt they got so used to.

Debut to Torres-Garcia and Michel Seuphor

A simple tribute to Torres-Garcia and Michel Seuphor, and to all the geometric abstractionists that influenced and still influence till this day design, fashion, architecture and art as a whole. The video is the result of my willing to bring this to light via this language, that has the privilege of the passage of time, open questions about the geometric abstraction itself.

Photo and editing: André Lima











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